> Full service and cleaning of your watch or jewelry

> Professionally photographed

> Listed online at

> Listed with Umzuzu’s network of collectors and dealers

> Sold with full warranty backed by Umzuzu

The Consignment Process

Umzuzu is honored to work with you, and in our attempt to achieve the highest value for your valuable watch or jewelry we are proud to offer our unique and cost effective consignment process. During the Umzuzu Consignment Process your valuable piece will be cleaned and polished, serviced and all watches are pressure tested and calibrated.

Our professionals will photograph and list your piece for sale. Through our unparalleled marketing system, web site, auction houses and international dealers, collectors and enthusiasts we will then sell your valuable piece.
Consignment costs and fees.

Our consignment fee for ALL timepieces and Jewelry is 16.5%.

All Jewelry has a $59 polishing and cleaning fee. Repairs and replacement stones will be evaluated and quoted on an individual basis within 7 days of receipt.

Watches will incur a preparation fee as follows.

Final Sale Price          Preparation Fee

$0 – $2000                 $85.00

$2,001 – $4,000          $175.00

$4,001 – $10,000        $280.00

$10,001 +                      $375.00

Umzuzu does not purchase replica timepieces or gold plated/filled jewelry. Should our professional team of watchmakers or jewelers deem your items not genuine you will be responsible to arrange for return shipping.