10 Jun 2015

Does Time Control Man or Does Man Control Time?

“Does time control man or does man control time?” Personal experience has it that the more often one checks the time, the slower Time seems to pass. For example, the last five minutes before the school bell rings always seem to drag on the longest; the teasing, sing-songy ticks on the microwave’s timer trickle at a turtle’s pace as the machine struggles to heat up that last slice of pizza; the last half hour before your plane lands, when they’ve shut the screens off and you have no choice but to stare challengingly into the patronizing face on your wrist. Indeed, the more we monitor Time, the graver the challenge of enjoying our time, since we’re so absorbed in its passing. Over the course of a peaceful day at the beach, when our troubles extend no farther than the sand clinging to our salty skin, it seems that time flies by. Sadly, as we disregard the passage of Time, it perceivably doubles in pace. Time wants nothing but to be left alone…and perhaps if we quit religiously observing it, scheduling chronically and obsessively months into the future, maybe we could begin to finally enjoy ourselves? But that is precisely how Time triumphs over man: When man disregards Time, his hold on reality slips away, no longer under his command. Sure, vacations are designed to create such a dynamic. But on the average, desirably productive day, consistency and order cannot be maintained so. And that’s exactly what wearing a watch – a presumably obsolete 21st century accessory – is all about. A watch signifies power; a watch signifies a hold on time that can only be maintained by the efficient and the passionate. With a watch strapped to the wrist, structure, order, and ultimately success all follow way. Arrangements manifest themselves in orderly fashion, and peace of mind is elegantly achieved alongside a productive triumph. In all senses Time governs man, challenging him to maximize his hours and waste no time…and for that reason precisely, it is man’s duty to adorn himself with Time and confront the many challenges in his life by maneuvering through and with Time. When man accessorizes with Time, he is warping a manipulative force and enhancing it to empower himself.

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