27 May 2015

Every Heirloom Has a Story….Share Yours!

Recently, I had a friend comment that he wouldn’t upgrade his Cartier Tank for a Patek Philippe as it was a gift from his beloved late uncle and it elicited very fond memories whenever he used it. Shortly thereafter Umzuzu had a client trade in his dad’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual for a pre-owned Rolex Submariner. I had the opportunity to ask him about this decision and he commented that his father was a watch lover and would be ecstatic that he upgraded this piece of inheritance for something more valuable and objectively, more beautiful.

These are two totally differing, yet heartwarming stories of loved ones and their heirlooms. If you fall into the latter group and wish to upgrade your heirloom or are interested in browsing some of our exclusive timepieces please feel free to check us out here.

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