02 Jun 2015

How the Luxury Watch Makers are Answering the Apple Watch

As previously discussed, both here, in the Umzuzu blog and in many publications, we knew that the Apple watch would have an impact on the luxury watch market. Just what that effect would be, and how the market would react would be the only variables. The response by the luxury watch makers is starting to emerge and a very good article was published by Fortune today. Some watch makers are partnering with big players in the Tech industry such as Tag Heuer and Google, others like Montblanc who believe that technology is fleeting, are choosing to go it alone and are putting their technology into a watch band and the product which has email, music controls and a selfie trigger will be released next month. Breitling are developing the B55 Connected with both analog and digital displays. Rolex, however are conspicuous by their silence on the subject and it is the authors opinion that Rolex will not join the technology frenzy and will maintain their place in the luxury timepiece industry as a manufacturer of classic watches.
We are sure that as technology progresses the watch industry will keep changing and transforming. We are also sure that a CLASSIC WILL REMAIN A CLASSIC, EVEN IF IT CHANGES HANDS.
To read the complete article from Fortune click here.