19 May 2015

Official Launch

Umzuzu launches today with over 30 years of combined international experience in the luxury goods market to offer clients a more comprehensive and cost effective service to sell pre-owned luxury pieces.  This means Umzuzu sells luxury items quickly while bringing the best value within the pre-owned luxury market.

Umzuzu is not a massive corporate structure governed by a board of directors or shareholders, but a privately owned company by people who love and honor their business, striving to grow organically, one satisfied client at a time.

A large component of the set up was honing and developing strong relationships with dealers, collectors and watch enthusiasts around the globe. Through the streamlined structure with low overhead costs, Umzuzu is able to offer similar services to their competitors at significantly lower costs. For this type of service offered, typically a 20% commission is charged on consignment. Umzuzu will position themselves at 16.5%, thereby giving our valued clients a decidedly greater return on their investment.

Moreover, there has to be a strong market for pre-owned luxury jewelry. Until now the only market for these pieces has been precious metals and diamond dealers. Umzuzu has developed a secondary market for these elite and beautiful pieces. One where the client’s unique piece can be, purchased, loved and enjoyed for their intrinsic value as opposed to being scrapped for their gem and metal value.

Please join and follow Umzuzu as they embark on what is certain to be an exciting journey in this exclusive and rewarding industry.