05 Jun 2015

Patek Philippe Tiffany T150 -New to Umzuzu

Undoubtedly, one of the most important timepieces in the retail/watchmaker industry was the collaboration of Patek Philippe and Tiffany. The, not particularly rare (150 in each of 3 colors),but contemporary 5150/T150 Annual Calendar model will be talked about more and more for years to come.

It was released in 2001 celebrating and commemorating the 2 firms’ 150 years of working together. The exclusive design, a first for the watch manufacturer in North America, is a classic timepiece and possibly, more than any other timepiece entrusted to UMZUZU, is worthy of our catchphrase “A CLASSIC REMAINS A CLASSIC,EVEN IF IT CHANGES HANDS”.

This beautiful piece has just been listed in inventory and sells for $56,850.00. Encased in a tri-body 18k rose gold officer’s style case, with an off white/cream colored dial this timepiece looks and feels solid. What was a large 36mm case 15 years ago,is not very big by today’s standard. However, as Chris Greenberg writes for Christie’s  this watch will likely accrue a more vintage feel over time.

To view this actual timepiece which we have proudly listed please follow this link. As always your response and feedback is always encouraged at Info@UM-ZUZU.com.