04 Dec 2015

Rolex Memorabilia – A Wonderful Hobby, Pastime or Business

The word luxury and the Rolex brand are synonymous, as are terms “precision”, “beauty” and perhaps “collector”. In our wonderful industry of luxury timepieces we have come to know, love and respect many Rolex Memorabilia collectors. There have been blogs, magazines, articles and even books written on the subject and the intensity, desire and passion with which these aficionados pursue this passion is unparalleled in almost anything the writer has ever witnessed. A website and blog devoted to the subject can be found and explored at your leisure here .

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At Umzuzu, we have been fortunate enough to acquire a magnificent collection of memorabilia which includes rare magazines, books, and a wide array of limited printed materials exclusive to the trade. Only the best adorn the cover of Rolex affiliated print ,such as the “Magnificent Three” Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Tennis stars Roger Federer of the modern era and the wonderful Chris Evert Lloyd of years gone by are just a few big names gracing Rolex related covers.

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Rolex, with their huge presence in the outdoor and sports world have been major sponsors in global sports events and as such there is a large amount of related products. Banners, books, magazines, pocket knives and obviously sports related clothing are just a few items we have in our inventory.
Being such a selective company, and only aligning themselves with the very best, has ensured that Rolex memorabilia is not in abundance and finds the loving environment it deserves. Lalique, Waterford and Baccarat are just a few names that produced Rolex branded art.

Rolex Memorabilia Store Advertisement
Quality clothing, stationery, reading and writing materials also form part of this classic collection.
Please visit our online store and explore our inventory of stunning Rolex watches . To purchase any of our  spectacular collection of  Rolex memorabilia or participate in our live auction beginning December 4, 2015 at  7 pm EST and ending December 9 , 2015 at 7 pm EST  click  here. As always please feel free to call us 1-855-5UMZUZU or email us Info@Um-Zuzu.com for any additional information.

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