Shipping Information

When Shipping your goods to Umzuzu

Safe Shipping Packaging Checklist

Please pay close attention to our Terms and Conditions and Shipping Guide-Rules and Restrictions for updates or changes before shipping.








1. Secure your jewelery or watch in as small a box as possible

Please use additional packaging material such as padded envelopes, bubble wrap, paper, foam pad, making sure movement of your watch or jewelery is restricted. Packages with rattling goods inside make easy identifying targets for thieves.








2. Label the inner box

Please print and affix the label we attach to the confirmation email we send you to the inner, smaller box. It’s needed in case the shipping information on the outside box gets damaged and becomes illegible during transit.








3. Double box your shipments

Please place the small box inside a larger courier box. Again, making sure movement is restricted with additional padding.








4. Proper enclosure

Please seal all seams or flaps on the outside box with clear or non-descriptive tape in addition to adhesive on the flap.









5. Proper labeling
Please print and affix the label we attach to the confirmation email we send you to the outer, larger box.

Please Note
1. Never put loose items in only a courier envelope or package when shipping
2. Never reveal the contents of your shipment, even to the courier
3. Never state a value or reference to valuables anywhere on the box or label (unless required by customs for export)

 Shipping and Handling on your  goods purchased from Umzuzu

Umzuzu always ships and insures at 0 cost to you ,our customer.

All goods purchased are securely shipped and insured via UPS within 3 business days of purchase.